Dear Rob , In a brief four weeks you totally rejuvenated my lawn.I wish i could do the same to my patients."
Doctor ,"Karori"

I first employed the services of Robert Black more than ten years ago after he’d been referred to me by an arborist, trimming my trees, who had been appalled at the state of my lawns and thought that I desperately needed expert help.
Rob must have been horrified when he first inspected my lawns. They were in a terrible state – very patchy, insect infested and any green there was came largely from the weeds that had flourished. However, he wasn’t overwhelmed by the challenge he’d been presented with and with dogged determination went about the job of bringing them back to good health. Before too long I had lawns which were, and continue to be, the envy of all who visit – lush and green and weed free, not unlike a very high quality plush carpet and just as lovely to walk on.
Rob is very likeable, nice to have around but not intrusive, and has proved to be very reliable and diligent in the ongoing maintenance of my lawns.

Lyn "Khandallah"

"I've known Rob for years, from before he became a greenkeeper and now as a Lawn Specialist. I don't call anyone else if want monkeys I'll go the zoo...if I want to sort my lawn out I call The Lawn Specialist.
Rob knows his stuff ...he'll know what to spray when to spray it and if its time to add extra services - and he'll explain why. He even taught me to buy a spray unit so I could lick the dandelions into shape! (never thought I buy lawn gear)"
Mason Parker www.masonparker.co.nz

By far the best $200 i have ever spent in the garden .
James & Liz " Woburn"
Thanks for turning our lawn into the best one in the street! Your advice and the fertilising and weed control gave us the perfect lawn last spring, at a very reasonable cost. We'll be using your services from now on, and we recommend you to all our friends. Thanks.
"Penny and Brian, Petone"

We have had Rob look after our lawns for over 10 years now and have found that his knowledge of lawns and irrigation work well for us. Due to work and not enough hours in the day, we have Rob managing our lawn once a week, with our dogs and children giving the lawn a good working out, he manages to keep our lawn looking as good as a bowling green….well almost. Any other issues we have his advice is always at hand.
Leanne & Mark, Lower Hutt
I have been using Rob's services and following his advice for at least 10 years and have been very pleased with the results achieved to the extent that I have happily recommended him to many of my friends.
“Homewood, Karori, great work over a number of seasons starting with a recovery of a parched lawn after a hot summer and continuous improvement over time. Appreciate the service and the smiles”
Jon, Karori
After engaging The Lawn Specialist not only did our lawns improve dramatically we learnt a lot about caring for our lawns and maintaining them throughout the year,albeit with ongoing help from Robert .
Mike and Sarah.Hataitai.
“Rob’s done a fantastic job over the years keeping our lawn in good condition despite the abuse it gets from the kids. He’s rescued it from porina attacks and allowed me to spend my precious weekend time with the family. Money well spent.
Adam, Ngaio.

I had Known of and seen some of Robert Blacks's work for a couple of yearsbefore finally using his services.I dont know what stopped me calling earlier, maybe i was convinced i could do it myself. Well what a wasteof a couple of years.
Everytime i mowed my lawn ,shorter and shorter thinking it looked ok .That was the only way ti keep the weeds under control.
Now, after just one spray treatment from The Lawn Specialist, i mow my lawn as high as i can , knowing that all i see is lush green grass.
The weeds are gone !It thinned out for a while , but with Robert's watering advice has come back in about a month to be the best it's ever looked.So Green, so lush and no weeds, just grass.
I'am now booked in for a weed spray every 6 months and i'am armed with the correct advice to keep it looking great . Thanks Rob
Glen from Whitby