Oversowing Lawns

I have the machine to place new seed into your tired lawn , its used to prepare an opening in the lawn that allows the seed to germinate within your existing lawn .
Even if your lawn is looking good you can place more seed as a TOP UP option its cheaper than replacing the lawn and the results are great , some lawns require this each year as the winter months can damage a lawn with poor light and moss etc , come spring do a TOP UP seed placement .

This client treated his own lawn with round up but he didn't know that for 10 days .
No need to dig up your whole lawn , using the surface you have and placing new seed great results and very cost effective.

This lawn was mown short cored, dethatched and new seed placed within the existing turf .

Incorrect chemical used on home lawn , I just oversowed it and its like new again .

winter damage , over-sown and ready for summer , winter is hard on lawns moss lack of light lots of lawn require over-sowing in the spring.

Sprayed by the owner and as you can see it didn't go too well for him , over-sow and its like new again .

Core aerated, detahtched and oversown , again lack of light in the winter months damages this lawn every year, come summer we can restore it .
New house poor soil and loads of unwanted weeds within the soil made this lawn look just awful, weeds removed new seed placed on its way to being much better for this home owner.
Please not once poor soil is placed its a huge job to remove it get advice about good soil before you or your builder places it , it will make or break your dream home .