I first employed the services of Robert Black more than ten years ago after he’d been referred to me by an arborist, trimming my trees, who had been appalled at the state of my lawns and thought that I desperately needed expert help.
Rob must have been horrified when he first inspected my lawns. They were in a terrible state – very patchy, insect infested and any green there was came largely from the weeds that had flourished. However, he wasn’t overwhelmed by the challenge he’d been presented with and with dogged determination went about the job of bringing them back to good health. Before too long I had lawns which were, and continue to be, the envy of all who visit – lush and green and weed free, not unlike a very high quality plush carpet and just as lovely to walk on.
Rob is very likeable, nice to have around but not intrusive, and has proved to be very reliable and diligent in the ongoing maintenance of my lawns.
Lyn "Khandallah"