Lawn Restoration with great results

This Lawn was treated for broadleafs weeds which removed all the flowers and unsightly weeds , at the same time The Lawn Specialist lawn fertiliser was applied and thats all .
Turning a sruffy looking lawn into a much more impressive looking lawn and at a fraction of the price  of a new lawn .



Lawn was in poor condition with more weeds than grass , weeds removed and oversown with new grass, more than happy with the result .

Porina Damage

Nows the time of year that you start to see your lawn dissapearing before your very eyes , get help now .Bottom photo was saved and the grass came back without reseeding , something so small can do so much .

Oversowing damaged lawn

This lawn was damaged was using the wrong chemical to treat weeds within the lawn  , easy mistake out come not so good .
Lawn surface was core aerated ,dethatched and oversown with new seed, lawn surface was fine before damage was made so no need to rotary hoe the lawn surface.
First photo is the day seed was sown then one week later and the final photos are at 3 weeks.

Save water

If you Core Aerate your lawn you will save water as your lawn will hold more water , the plug holes that the corer makes will full with water and this water will move within the soil faster and stay in the soil making for a better grass plant.

Porina Damage

If you get the insect damage under control the lawn can be saved


I first employed the services of Robert Black more than ten years ago after he’d been referred to me by an arborist, trimming my trees, who had been appalled at the state of my lawns and thought that I desperately needed expert help.
Rob must have been horrified when he first inspected my lawns. They were in a terrible state – very patchy, insect infested and any green there was came largely from the weeds that had flourished. However, he wasn’t overwhelmed by the challenge he’d been presented with and with dogged determination went about the job of bringing them back to good health. Before too long I had lawns which were, and continue to be, the envy of all who visit – lush and green and weed free, not unlike a very high quality plush carpet and just as lovely to walk on.
Rob is very likeable, nice to have around but not intrusive, and has proved to be very reliable and diligent in the ongoing maintenance of my lawns.
Lyn "Khandallah"


By far the best $200 i have ever spent in the garden .
James & Liz " Woburn"


Thanks for turning our lawn into the best one in the street! Your advice and the fertilising and weed control gave us the perfect lawn last spring, at a very reasonable cost. We'll be using your services from now on, and we recommend you to all our friends. Thanks.
"Penny and Brian, Petone"


We have had Rob look after our lawns for over 10 years now and have found that his knowledge of lawns and irrigation work well for us. Due to work and not enough hours in the day, we have Rob managing our lawn once a week, with our dogs and children giving the lawn a good working out, he manages to keep our lawn looking as good as a bowling green….well almost. Any other issues we have his advice is always at hand.
Leanne & Mark, Lower Hutt


I have been using Rob's services and following his advice for at least 10 years and have been very pleased with the results achieved to the extent that I have happily recommended him to many of my friends.


“Homewood, Karori, great work over a number of seasons starting with a recovery of a parched lawn after a hot summer and continuous improvement over time. Appreciate the service and the smiles”
Jon, Karori


After engaging the lawn specialist not only did our lawns improve dramatically we learnt a lot about caring for our lawns and maintaining them throughout the year,albeit with ongoing help from Robert .
Mike and Sarah.Hataitai.


“Rob’s done a fantastic job over the years keeping our lawn in good condition despite the abuse it gets from the kids. He’s rescued it from porina attacks and allowed me to spend my precious weekend time with the family. Money well spent.
Adam, Ngaio.

Core Aeration and Dethatching

This lawn was cored and all cores removed , within a few weeks you couldn't see any holes as the grass had covered over.


Coring involves the removing of soil plugs called cores .The removal of this soil allows the lawn to breathe, water and nutirents to travel into the soil faster.
Cores can be removed or allowed to dry in the sun and mown over next time you cut your lawn, which will return the soil to the lawn .

 Core Aerate your lawn you will save water as your lawn will hold more water , the plug holes that the corer makes will full with water and this water will move within the soil faster and stay in the soil making for a better grass plant.

What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is the removal of small cores of soil from the lawn using a aeration machine.
It is often described as the secret weapon in making your lawn healthy.

By aerating your lawn you provide the following benefits to your lawn and its root system:
Oxygen gets to the roots and the soil allowing it to "breathe".
Fertilizers and nutrients get access to the root system which is very important.
Water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system.

When your Lawn is compacted, root growth is shallow. By core aeration, you open up the soil so water, nutrients, and air can travel deeper. This encourages roots to grow deeper, resulting in a lawn which is much healthier.

After core aeration,We can either rake the plugs up or leave them in the sun for a few days to dry out so that the next time your lawn is cut they will be broken up and returned too the lawn. The thatch content of the plug will be collected by the mower.

Core aeration

The Lawn Specialist Ltd has a new Core Aeration service , your lawn will never feel the same again . If you cant see the plugs your lawn hasn't been cored!

Great Grass

Now that spring is here , the lawns are starting to to take on a whole new look and that will only get better as the weather improves and the treatments continue.
Dont for get to water your lawn if the rain stays away as the soil surface is drying out very fast and once you lose the hydration it's very hard to get it back again.
You should look at watering twice a week for longer instead of every day for 10mins.

New Lawn Overseeder

The Lawn Specialist now has the tools to place new seed into your old lawn with the new overseeder.
This machine is used to aerate and place new seed into your existing lawn , so we can now enable your lawn to breathe and place seed all in the one pass.
Enquire now and find out what this machine can do for your lawn .

Weed free lawn

This lawn was a sea of weeds it's now treated twice a year for weeds along with regular fertiliser applications.I can create this at your home.

Weed and fertiliser

Treated twice a year for weeds and regular fertilising. Along with an owner armed with the correct tools to create its appearance.

Great Garden

This Garden was already great, the addition of a new lawn and the use of a reel mower has now made even more impact.

Porina Caterpillar

Porina feed on the leaf of the grass plant , you will see yellowing of the leaf along with bare patches with fine soil casts appearing ,at this point you require an insecticide treatment .

Grass Grub

Grass Grub feed on the roots of the grass plant, once they are feeding the lawn will simply pull away from the soil , birds will dispalce your lawn looking for the grubs, this needs to be addressed as soo as possible, once again simple to treat.You will be able to see the grubs by pulling the grass away .